NextVerse is a 3D extra-terrestrial Metaverse setting in the 2100s, built on Solana. It is also a VR-ready open space that allows players to combine free-to-play and play-to-earn, create their own NFT items, and trade items in the marketplace.
“ You are free to create your own new self and integrate into a large community with unlimited possibilities for connection and creativity in NextVerse. This journey will make your dreams come true and allow you to experience the game space or enjoy social activities together through VR. ”
“ For the first time, a blockchain game that combines Free2Play and Play2Earn was born, allowing players to experience without the initial cost. Players will do a number of in-game tasks to earn tokens, buy and sell NFT items, and connect with other players. ”
It is like a real-life economic system, allowing players to have many options to increase their income including doing a job in the career system, performing daily tasks, participating in events and social activities. If players own land, they can also build a company, open a shop or lease land to other players.
Through owning DAO tokens, players can participate in governance, contribute to the transparency of the in-game economy and to the ecosystem, vote on deciding features, eliminate human errors, and disallow any manipulation to occur.
The mission of NextVerse is to build a virtual space universe where players, also co-creators of the game, can freely explore and conquer a new world, invest profitably through a sustainable and healthy economy which limits inflation and devaluation
It is tokens which players receive through Play2Earn activities and use for in-game features such as upgrading items, buying and selling goods, using services, participating in social activities, playing several lucky games, etc.
Players receive multi-function management DAO tokens through staking NOXY tokens into the system. This type of tokens is used to participate in decisions about in-game features or to hold important in-game positions, and to allow players to distribute, buy and sell land through the holding rate.

Q4 2021

  • Seed funding and private sale
  • VR research and development
  • The Solana-based smart contract
  • Building Homepage and community
  • Public sale and DEX listing

Quy Vu


Canh Ho



Game Designer

Tuyen Nguyen

Software Engineer - Mobile Game

Hang Nguyen


Hung Nguyen

Software Engineer - Blockchain

Hung Nguyen

3D Artist


Thi Truong